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  • You receive independent advice on all bareboat and crewed yachts in the Caribbean.
  • Our literature presents specifications and prices in one format to compare boats.
  • We package your flights with the boat, lowering your airfare.
  • We quote on-line boat availability.
  • Enjoy the security and convenience of having an unbiased professional with 23 years experience book your charter and handle everything for you

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It's a mistake to choose a boat purely by price. A knowledgeable broker will look for the best value.

Yacht Charter sites that list specific boats on the internet are normally promoting only those boats. Our brokers are independent and make their unbiased recommendations from our database of over 900 crewed yachts and many hundreds of bareboats.

Sending you literature is only part of our service. The advice, help and security we can give you at every stage of the booking process is our real asset.

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