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Booking with Ed Hamilton vs Booking Directly

Standards vary enormously in the charter industry.

Glossy brochures showing new boats are often misleading.

We see these boats on a regular basis.

We offer independent opinions of how each company and boat compares, instead of selling only one company (while most companies are perfectly reputable, each one is naturally trying to sell you their product and their services).

24 years charter experience in the Eastern Caribbean.

In-depth knowledge from the land and from sea.

We have already seen the boat you are chartering.

We book more Caribbean charters than any other broker.

We are the major independent U.S. supplier for most of the principal bareboat charter companies in the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, and the Grenadines.

These facts benefit you in three ways:

1. Knowledge of each company's performance from a broad base of charter comments.

2. Because of our volume, we can often get those "Hard To Get" dates when boats and flights are technically sold out. In many cases we can package the flight with the boat and further reduce your cost.

3. Extra security: If you have a problem with a company it is generally easier for us to solve it, rather than an individual.

You may already know which company you prefer. Our comments may well confirm your decision.

By booking through us you get an up to date, independent opinion of the companies' fleets (even the best companies have some boats that are better than others), plus extra security, free literature (including a cruising guide), the ability to charge your charter and all our other services.

We provide guidance experience, convenience, and security - all the the same price as booking directly.


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