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The best way to see the Caribbean
is from the deck of your own PRIVATE CHARTER YACHT.

A FULLY CREWED YACHT comes with a captain and cook. For the price of a cruise you and your friends sail in comfort, with first class food and service, but you decide the menu and where and when you sail.

The emphasis is on exploring just one group of islands in depth and visiting villages and beaches that are often inaccessible to cruise ships or hotel guests.

Sailboat Lunch on a Crewed Yacht

Prices typically run between $1000 and $1800 per person for a week and normally include all meals and an open bar. The meals are prepared to your preferences and are often comparable to the best restaurants in the area.

The skillful broker matches you with a boat that fits your requirements and a crew that has similar interests. Rather than mailing long lists of boats, we send you an initial selection of yachts we recommend, based on the Preference Form you give us. This package will contain our own independent, detailed description of the boat and crew, as well as each boat's brochure. We then discuss with you the features you like in both boat and crew, sending you more selections as necessary. We only recommend from the 900 crewed boats that we know personally and feel would be suitable to your requirements.

Please fill out the PREFERENCE FORM to receive our packet of information, and see why we book more Caribbean charters than any other independent brokerage worldwide.

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